Onion Seed Oil

Onion Seed Oil

Hair growth | Anti Dandruff | Anti Fungal

Regular usage will effectively prevent and treat baldness. This Sulfur rich oil prevents breakage, split ends, and thinning. Phytonutrients in onion seed prevent oxidation, regulate scalps Ph, and prevent premature graying. It also helps hair re-grow and prevents any bacterial and fungal infections including dandruff, making hair stronger and healthier. 

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  • It prevents and treats breakage, split ends, thinning of hair, baldness, and also premature graying. 
  • It also stops any bacterial and fungal infections including dandruff, making your hair stronger and healthier.

How to use?

Add oil per use according to need of the product.

Our promise of clean beauty.

Adapt a skin care routine.

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