“A lot happened in 1969. The Beatles came back, the first human landed on moon, Industrial Revolution and the discovery of our Amma Ji's journal.”

"They say that “Grandma knows best” and we couldn’t agree more.

My great grandmother (Amma Ji), a naturopath, had spent her entire adult life traveling across the country and recording natural remedies from experts in her journal. She passed away at the age of 93, leaving with us- her diaries, her journals, her home remedies, her traditions, and most importantly, her legacy.

Time and again, Amma Ji’s remedies had saved us from the world of chemical disappointments, be it Nani Ji's scars and patches on skin, my pollution ridden skin, or a generally dull and unhappy skin from daily routine. This made us realize that such remedies which are effective and unadulterated, are seldom easily available in the market. Our near and dear ones had already started trusting Amma Ji’s remedies and it was about time it reached out to the masses.

Therefore, First Water Solutions, an ode to Amma Ji’s journey of journaling tradition, was founded on August 5, 2017!"

first water solution timeline
first water solution timeline
first water solution timeline
first water solution timeline
first water solution timeline
first water solution timeline

1914 – The year it all began in.

Amma Ji was born and soon began a journey in naturopathy whose outcome she was herself unaware of.

1980- Started growing in-house ingredients.

After gaining lot of knowledge and sufficient experience, she started growing the required ingredients in-house.

2007- Amma Ji’s legacy of home remedies.

Amma Ji passes away, leaving behind her dairies and journals that carry the legacy of home remedies.

2009- Realization dawns upon us

An incident when Amma Ji’s remedies solve the problems of patchy skin and scars and make us realize the power of her journals.

2014- Our beliefs become stronger

Another event when Amma Ji's remedy solves the problem of skin breakouts in a pollution filled era takes place and our beliefs become stronger.

2017- First Water Solutions is born

We finally put together age old traditions and modern studies to bring “First Water Solutions” into the world of conscious and sustainable beauty.


Sourced, grown and nurtured, our botanicals are the backbone to our products.

Amma Ji always believed in the healing powers of nature and the existence of underlying emotional, physical, mental or spiritual cause and effect. These natural forces also exist in humans, and the power of naturopathy not only cures ailments, but also prevents illness.

As a self taught naturopath, she trusted in holistic treatment. She then came across Gemmotherapy, a sub-branch of naturopathy and quickly incorporated its principals in her practices.

At First Water Solutions, we consciously follow her learning that turned into teachings and inculcate the practice of Gemmotherapy. Gemmotherapy extracts are made from buds, seeds and embryonic plant tissue which are the most nutrient dense part of the plant and have the benefits of the entire plant. These extracts nourish the body, aid in tissue regeneration, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Our philosophy at First Water Solutions.

"We at First Water Solutions make high quality, 100% natural, gluten free personal care products using solutions provided by nature itself. All our ingredients are handpicked to ensure premium quality. We are cruelty free, artificial chemical free and comply with fair trade regulations.

Derived from a mix of ancient remedies and modern research, we believe in the triple bottom line of Economy, Ecology and Ergonomics.

That being said, we also acknowledge that despite being a perfect product, if it doesn’t fit your skin type, it won’t work. Completely made in India, First Water Solutions strives to deliver effective skincare that does not require a complicated routine! "

“Giving meaning to what we do.”

By using multiple natural ingredients in high levels of concentration, we at First Water give meaning to what we do for factual results! We believe in super formulas that give blanket coverage to fulfill your skins multiple needs. Owing to the variety of ingredients, our skin care multitasks - just like you!

Meet the matriarchy.

The founders and their stories

Noor Arora

Art design and the purity of nature have always influenced Noor Arora, our youngest co-founder .

She is a constant explorer and learner, qualities that she has inherited from her great grandmother Amma Ji. Noor is a trained industrial designer from Parsons School of Design, New York. Feeding her practical side she looks for sustainable alternatives to everything  and the dreamer and explorer in her finds an outlet in her paintings and etchings.

Noor is the company’s strategist and decides the brand’s policies and direction.  She handles product innovation and development along with the company’s reach and export overseas. She even handles the brands packaging and design. Being the perfectionist that she is, she has designed every one of the illustration on the packaging of the products as well as across the website.

Geeti Arora

Amma Ji immensely influenced her daughter Rano, who in turn influenced her daughter, Geeti Arora, co-founder of First Water Solutions, and Noor’s mother. She has inherited their practical and persevering sides and loves to build things. She is highly interested in and has the know-how of the functional side of running a company. It was her own zest for constructive work that led to making Amma Ji’s remedies available to a wider audience. Thus, the foundation of First Water Solutions was laid by her and she handles the finances and supply chain.

Mani Khurana

Mani, co-founder of First Water Solutions and Noor’s aunt is Vegan, an animal rights and welfare enthusiast and she too, like Amma Ji, is an environmentalist. She has extensive experience in HRM and Capability Building in the corporate sector and is a gold medalist in Master of Applied Behavioral Science from DU. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Milton Keynes, UK. Growing up living with Amma Ji, she imbibed curiosity, diligence, resolve and excellence that make her instrumental in managing the brand’s HR, marketing, logistics and online and offline retail presence.

Conscious business, conscious products.

At First Water Solutions we follow the legacy of Amma Ji and the standards set by her, along with the current need of the hour: sustainability. Conscious beauty consumption to us means following the tipple bottom line of ecology, economy and ergonomics, taking responsibility towards the environment and society we live in, and having respect for each body, human or animal. The beauty market contributes not only to landfills but also adds harmful substances to water bodies and wildlife as well. We aim at avoiding and eradicating such practices with the implementation of sustainable beauty. We use ethically sourced ingredients that are organically grown and are completely devoid of non-biodegradable or chemical ingredients.

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