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As seen in Amma Ji's Diary.

“...Rano got admission in St Andrews college today. She wants to be a doctor against the wishes of the elders. But I will stand with her..."

A community of matriarchy.

Come, let’s share our stories and recipes together, from sister to another sister. Just like a magnificent Lionesses pride only storms forward with its fellow sisters, we call you here to join our #FirstWaterSisterhood movement.

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First Water Solutions is a special brand. It has an extraordinary range of products — from the finest cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil to the most incredible earthen ash purifying & de-clogging scalp mask — made with top quality ingredients and the most stringent processes. What’s not to love! 

-Nonita Kalra
Writer, Consultant & Former EIC,

Harper’s Bazaar & ELLE India

My journey with First Water started few years ago, with their body mist, it's amazing! Made repeat orders, used face & lip products, all are really nice, especially the pure 21 formulations. If you are a nature lover & believe that it has all the essential solutions you should surely go try First Water.

Wellness Rediscovery Coach/

Counselor/Voice-over Artist, Mumbai

First Water is amazing. I was looking for a natural solution for pigmentation and decided to try them. After using their products, I could see a visible difference as my skin started clearing up and glowing. I love the serum because it’s light and does not feel sticky or oily. Even my daughter’s acne has cleared up.

-Vedika Aum

New Delhi

I love the face mask and serum. It all smells so good and my skin is extra soft. I use the Serum everyday! I love them!

– Shawn Runacres,
Executive Producer- Live Events, The Walt Disney Company, United Kingdom

I love the face mask. It showed good results to my girlfriend too. In fact, I’m going to import to Brazil.

– Goncalo Polese,
AB Zen,

First Water products are out of this world! The serum is like an elixir. It has changed my skin completely.

Claudia Goellner,

First Water’s serum is extremely good. Have been using it for more than 6 months now. It has made my skin supple & glowy. All their products are completely natural and work wonders on the skin & hair.

Shilpi Gupta
New Delhi

I have super sensitive skin and none of the top brand products have worked so far. I’ve tried almost everything! I started using First Water’s Pure 21 Serum 2 years ago, and have never looked back. The serum is doing wonders to my skin.

Superna Verma
New Delhi

I love First Water. Lovely products and the results are amazing. I have tried nearly all their products and each one is wonderful. Their packaging is beautiful; and they are Vegan and environment friendly .

Heer S. Angra
CEO-Tattva Sutra,

I have been using the serums and oils from First Water for more than 3 years. Great experience, comparable with the best internationally. Definitely helped in reducing pigmentation and is anti- ageing.

-Sujata Aurora
Director- AR Credit Information Services, New Delhi

Never felt so close to nature and connected to my roots. First water products are really a class apart. You can be rest assured your skin and hair are in good hands, almost like your grandmother's gentle loving care.

Nidhi Kothari
Founder Director-One World College of Music, New Delhi

As seen in Amma Ji's Diary

“..We visited the Meenakshi temple today. There outside the temple, we met with ‘Paraman Viswanath’, who has great knowledge of Ayurveda. I spent some time with him in conversation and learnt about Kuppaimeni and its many wonderful benefits. He also told me about a plant called Mandukaparni. The shape of its leaves resembles the shadow of a sitting frog. That's why it's called Mandukaparni!..."

What happens at First Water.

This is the story of a beginning. The story of a simple yet strong-willed and curious woman. The story of her life, learnings, and legacy. The story of the conceptualization of First Water and the woman that inspired it.

Explore our ingredients, philosophy, and the backbone to every product we craft.


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