Cucumber Seeds

Cucumber Seeds

Astringent | Pore reduction | Cooling

The answer to happy skin, Cucumber is a fantastic hydrating agent. It contains Omega 6 fatty acid which helps in smoothing fine lines, Vitamins B1 and C which promote tightening of pores, Tocopherols, and Phytopherols which detoxify, retain moisture, deep-cleanse pores, and hydrate. It soothes and cools irritated skin.

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  • It cools down irritated skin and maintains hydration level of the skin. 
  • It smoothens fine lines, promotes tightening of pores, detoxifies the skin, retains moisture, and deeply cleanses pores.

How to use?

Steep Herbal Powder to the required product.

Our promise of clean beauty.

Adapt a skin care routine.

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