Afer Kocher Oil

Afer Kocher Oil

Healthy Hair | Brittle hair | Dullness & Texture

 A miracle ingredient for hair loss that targets every part of hair from root to tip. It tones your scalp and stimulates blood flow. It is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidative. Removes dandruff by regulating oil production and adjusting the scalp’s PH level. Seals cuticle to improve strength, shine, texture, and growth. 

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Use our product to its best.

  • It helps eradicate dandruff. It strengthens and tones the scalp to make it stronger. 
  • It soothes and seals the cuticles to prevent breakage, add shine, improve its texture and helps it grow overall.

How to use?

Add oil per use according to need of the product.

Our promise of clean beauty.

Adapt a skin care routine.

A product for everyone

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