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Good fragrance

Good but mild fragrance. Needs frequent reapplication but overall a nice product that easy to carry around and apply.

Frangipani Solid Perfume
Meghana Rajivnath

Frangipani Solid Perfume


The product is ok but the After purchase service is very bad. Absolutely no response to email and WhatsApp messages sent

Subtle, but very effective and addictive

The fragrances are unique and more earthy, fragrant choices are good. I bought 5 of them and they are good. Quite easy to carry. Fragrance last for 5-8 hours, but since you carry, u can reapply.

Very unique, natural scents. Will definitely refill... All the best


Rose and Sandalwood Body Oil
Rekha Vamsie Mohan

Rose and Sandalwood Body Oil

Very bad product. Fragrances are like any cheap soap and for a very short time. It is purely wastage of money


Nice aroma.

Frangipani Solid Perfume
Rabeena Sherfudhin

Sorry for the delay . I love the perfume. The fragrance is too good. Very compact & easy to carry.


Using the serum. Recievied many compliments in less than 2 weeks of ( almost) daily use. Very light weight, easy to apply, non sticky and does not have an overpowering smell like other serums. Well worth the buy.

Fresh smells like mountain breeze

Love a dash of it behind my ears and on my wrist

Cinnamon Rose Solid Perfume

Musk Mint Solid Perfume
Supriyaa Grover

Wish the fragrance would last longer- have to reapply

Frangipani Solid Perfume
Narmeen hussain

Frangipani Solid Perfume

Frangipani Solid Perfume

The best fragrance!

This is my favourite fragrance ever!! The only down side is that it doesn't last very long as it is water based. I wish it lasted longer i would have made this my one and only fragrance.


Have not used any other oil since I started using this one. Very good quality.

One of a kind perfumes

Loved the perfumes

Nice perfume

Amazing product

Compact box and beautiful scents

The packing is perfect and the scents are very subtle and lasts long.


Niice product

Subtle and convenient

A convenient size and a really nice subtle scent. Makes it handy to carry specially on travels

Pure 21 Face Serum
Naina Shenoy
Good Product

works very well for me. I don't need any moisturiser besides this serum. it is pretty much my only skin routine.

Rose and Sandalwood Body Oil

Order doesn’t reach to me